Back UN Anti-corruption day, MP tells government ministers

Local MP Catherine McKinnell has called on the government to take action against corruption ahead of UN Anti Corruption Day on 9th December.

The MP, who is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption and who has campaigned against corruption since her election, has called a debate next week in Parliament to urge the government to do more to back the Day and crack down.

“Corruption can do huge harm in developing countries as well as undermining consumer confidence in multinational corporations, but there is a lot that our government can do to stamp it out”, said the MP. “In particular, I want to hear from ministers in the debate next week what they are doing to enforce the Bribery Act, which stops British companies from bribing corrupt officials overseas.

That Act has already been signed into law and could play a huge role in stamping out corrupt trading practices – but it will only work with  proper enforcement.

I also want to ask the government what other steps it will be taking to mark UN Anti-Corruption Day, which does such an important job of raising awareness of corruption across the world.

We need much tougher government action and I will be asking ministers how far they are willing to go to close down loopholes and stamp out corruption for good.”