Catherine has called on the Government to bring forward its long-delayed Aviation Recovery Plan to support Newcastle International Airport, as Government restrictions on international travel look set to continue.

Based in her constituency, Newcastle International Airport is a major driver of the regional economy, connecting Newcastle and the North East to the world and driving growth in the region.

Speaking during an Urgent Question on international travel called by Labour, Catherine outlined that airports like Newcastle International had been “left in the dark” due to the Government’s lack of vison for the industry.

Catherine highlighted that “The outlook looks extremely challenging, and the Government just cannot delay its Aviation Recovery Plan any longer.

“The sector needs a comprehensive package of support to ensure it can increase global connectivity and drive growth in our region in a planned way, we need Newcastle Airport to thrive for that.

“The Government says it’s committed to ‘Global Britain’ – but when will it start acting like it?”.

Following her question, Catherine stated:

“Newcastle International Airport is vital to the local and regional economy, for our region’s businesses and for people across the North East.

“The report of the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce and the Transport Secretary’s Statement last week have failed to provide the clear framework and vision for resuming international travel that many had hoped for.

“The loss of the Summer holiday period will be devastating for the sector, and the Government must now bring forward its Aviation Recovery Plan without delay, and provide a comprehensive package of support including an extension of the Job Retention Scheme for employees in the sector and the supply chain who face an uncertain future.”