Catherine McKinnell, Shadow Schools Minister and Member of Parliament for Newcastle North, questioned the Schools Minister at her first Education Questions on the Government’s inability to get a grip of the schools RAAC crisis. 

Catherine highlighted that last week a further 41 schools and colleges were added to the list of those with identified RAAC, bringing the total to 214.

Questioning the Schools Minister, Catherine stated: 

“The Education Secretary claims children prefer to learn in portacabins, but it’s far from a joke when some are still waiting for temporary classrooms, studying from home or in cramped sports halls and dining rooms. The total number of pupils already and expected to be impacted by this chaos? And from when all children will receive undisrupted face to face learning, surely it’s the minimum a parent can expect for their child?”. 

Following Education Questions, Catherine added:

“We can’t deliver a first-rate education in substandard conditions. Children and parents deserve so much more than the Conservative RAAC chaos. 

“The drip, drip of schools being added to the list is yet more evidence of chaos from a Tory government that has no grip on the extent of crumbling school buildings. Parents, children and school staff deserve urgent reassurance and answers on the steps being taken to ensure children can get back into normal education”.