Catherine has called for urgent change following a report released today by the Trussell Trust. The report, titled ‘Hunger in the UK’, found that the North East of England has the highest levels of food insecurity in the UK. Catherine recently co-Chaired an inquiry with Trussell Trust on ending the need for foodbanks.

Trussell Trust’s report looks at the scale of food insecurity and food bank need in the UK, as well as the causes of such insecurity and need. In the North East, 26% of people are living in food insecurity, a figure more than 10% higher than the average across England which stands at 14%. No other region in the UK has food insecurity levels above 20%.

Responding to the report’s findings, Catherine said:

“These figures reflect the harsh reality so many are facing. Once again, it’s clear that ‘levelling up’ is nothing more than an empty slogan. Indeed this report shows that the Government is continuing to leave the North East behind. 

“Due to the Conservative mortgage penalty and the skyrocketing costs of energy and food, more and more people are slipping into food insecurity. In 21st century Britain, this is nothing short of a scandal. The North East deserve so much better. For that to happen, we need change and a Labour Government focussed on an economy that works and grows and tackling the underlying issues leading to food insecurity”.  

Notes – Trussell Trust report –