Government u-turn on A Level and GCSE results

Thank goodness common sense has now prevailed on A Level results.

The government’s approach to this year’s A-Levels has been chaotic and has caused huge stress and anxiety for many students who were given grades by a computer algorithm which do not reflect their ability.

This afternoon the Government have now thankfully made a U-turn and have announced that A-Level students will now be awarded their centre assessment grades – the grades predicted by their school or college – or the moderated grade, whichever is higher.

This is the right decision and should have been made long before results day which would have saved students the stress, anxiety and disappointment last week.

Ofqual have advised that the revised A-level results will be loaded into UCAS’ systems by the end of this week and UCAS have tweeted some further guidance here.

There are still questions to be answered, such as how this will impact on university places where they have already been allocated through clearing or where students have accepted insurance options but now have the grades for their preferred choice.

If you are affected, I would advise contacting your preferred choice of university to discuss obtaining your place.