As part on my ongoing work to represent residents in Newcastle Great Park, this week I again met with representatives of developers on Newcastle Great Park/Newcastle Great Park Consortium, Newcastle City Council and Northumbria Police to discuss concerns raised with me by constituents and receive an update on a number of issues.

Below are some of the key points discussed in the meeting.

I hope that you find the update useful and do let me know if you have any comments on any of these issues. As ever, if there are concerns that you would like me to take up on your behalf, either locally or in Parliament, do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Newcastle Great Park Consortium acknowledged that speeding continues to be of concern. The Consortium have met with Newcastle City Council highways department and Northumbria Police and following that meeting, a review will be undertaken in the next few weeks of the traffic management in the area, including all signage, flashback signs and speed calming measures.

Following the inspection, the Consortium will work with the highways department on further proposals to manage traffic and speed on Newcastle Great Park.

Northumbria Police also provided an update on the action they are taking on enforcement and will continue to work with the Consortium and highways on this.

I highlighted the importance of the roads being brought up to a standard where they could be adopted to assist in enforcement, and I was informed that an adoption management programme is being developed. I will of course continue to follow this and work with all agencies to address concerns with speeding and road safety.

Town Centre and Morrisons

Many residents have contacted me seeking an update on progress with the Town Centre and the supermarket after the announcement of Morrisons earlier this year.

I understand that the Morrisons application is progressing following the exchanging of the contracts with a planning decision expected later in the summer, and a projected store opening early in 2022. I know that this is an important stage for residents and the development of the Town Centre and I will continue to follow this matter closely.

I was also informed that other units have progressed and that terms have been agreed with a convenience store, takeaway, restaurant and microbrewery. I hope that this will lead to further units being taken as soon as possible to ensure a vibrant Town Centre on Newcastle Great Park.

Broadway East First School

Last month works started on the development of the new home for Broadway East First School on Newcastle Great Park. The school will be a 3-form entry for every year group and is on track to open for September 2022.

I am informed that the construction works should be completed by early next year and that the developer, Robertson, will produce monthly updates for residents on the progress of the development which will be available on the Great Park website. I hope that this will keep residents updated on progress and of key developments.

Street lighting

Many residents have raised concerns in relation to street lighting and delays in lighting being repaired when faults occur. The Consortium state that they instructed a contractor who undertook a full audit of street lighting in Newcastle Great Park, and works have been completed to repair any street lights.

Going forward, on the last weekend of every month there will be a scheduled review of the park, and any repairs identified will be carried out every 2 weeks. Street lights have also been numbered to assist residents in reporting any faults and residents are encouraged to take down the number of any faulty street light and report this to [email protected].

I hope that this system will enable issues to be resolved swiftly in future.


All playparks within Newcastle Great Park were recently inspected and throughout June and July every playpark will either be repaired or upgraded prior to the summer holidays. I understand that the designs for new equipment are currently being finalised and these will be shared with residents shortly.

I will continue to engage with all agencies involved in Newcastle Great Park on behalf of residents and please do not hesitate to get in touch as always if I can be of any assistance.