Catherine has slammed the Government over the latest alleged covid-breaching party revelations.

The Newcastle North MP spoke in Parliament following reports of a further alleged Downing Street garden party, reportedly held on 20 May 2020, with 100 guests invited to a ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ party during lockdown.

At the same time as Downing Street allegedly partied, families couldn’t say goodbye to loved ones, weddings were cancelled, partners missed births, relatives were unable to see one another, support groups were unable to meet, and livelihoods were ruined.

Speaking in Parliament, Catherine stated: “It would be utterly obscene if, at the same time that a support group for recovering alcoholics was contacting me, desperate to meet because they needed the mutual support to manage their addiction during the crushing isolation of lockdown, staff at No. 10 were not only being encouraged to gather but being told to bring their own booze while doing so”.

Following her comments, Catherine added:  “So many people dutifully followed the rules and we have all heard heart-breaking stories where people have been unable to visit dying relatives, to see their new born grandchildren, livelihoods have been destroyed and countless life events missed or delayed, yet, whilst they were following the rules, and doing their bit to save lives and protect the NHS, once again, the Prime Minister and Downing Street appear to have acted like the rules simply don’t apply to them”.