Catherine has urged the Government to lead the fight against climate change during a debate on charging for carbon emissions.

The timely Westminster Hall debate, coming in the opening week of COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, follows a petition signed by 108,802 people. It calls on the Government to introduce a transparent charge on carbon, so polluters are held responsible for the emissions they cause. As Chair of the Petitions Committee, Catherine led the debate.

Catherine highlighted the work of the UK Committee on Climate Change, and the Government’s own calculations showing that the cost of meeting net zero is dwarfed by the catastrophic cost of not acting. She called on the Government to take the lead with “extensive investment in low carbon technologies”.

Catherine further stated that:

“All eyes are on the UK for the COP 26 Conference. The planet cannot wait.

“We need to facilitate the shift to low-carbon alternatives within households, and ensure businesses take responsibility for the emissions they produce.

“We must protect those most vulnerable to the unequal impact of climate policies. If we don’t do this, not only will the outcome be regressive, but it will also undermine public support for the transition to net-zero.

“Finally, we must take measures to stop carbon leakage. It would be catastrophic if we were to achieve net-zero domestically at the expense of triggering a carbon-intensive import boom.

Concluding, Catherine commented:

“It is our time to show that this country will lead, not lag, in the global fight against climate change”.