MP expresses concern over fixed-term Parliaments

Member of the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, local MP Catherine McKinnell, has expressed concern over the ‘unnecessary rush’ to establish fixed-term Parliaments.

Speaking today after the publication of the most recent report by her Select Committee, Ms McKinnell said that it was ‘a serious worry’ that such significant changes could be enacted without any time being dedicated to serious Parliamentary scrutiny.

‘It is outrageous that such little time has been given to examine these changes’ commented Ms McKinnell. ‘The breakneck rush towards these reforms is unnecessary and unjustifiable.

‘By forcing through these changes without first updating the electoral roll we will be left with constituencies that have uneven populations and therefore false boundaries. Also, by arbitrarily deciding to reduce the number of MPs by 50, long-standing communities will be sliced apart. If we take the coalition at its word and assume that the next general election won’t be until 2015, why then is it vital to drive changes through without consultation? Parliament should be given time to debate the government’s proposals to make sure that such a monumental boundary review is based upon accurate data and does not have to be re-done at the taxpayer’s expense.’