Catherine standing in a school with Jas Athwal and Alex Davies-Jones
Catherine joined an innovative new lesson to challenge misogyny and sexist harassment during her visit to Caterham High School in Redbridge.
‘Step In’ lessons are being piloted in Year 9 in three schools in Redbridge with the aim of empowering students to recognise and reflect on the impact on the individual and wider society and learning when to step in when they see sexist harassment taking place.
Catherine sat in on a Step In lesson alongside Alex Davies-Jones MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, and Jas Athwal, London Councils’ Executive Member for Community Safety and Violence Against Women and Girls, and Leader of Redbridge Council.
Following her visit, Catherine said:
“There is a worrying trend of misogyny rising in our schools and on our streets and it must be tackled to create a safer environment and to prevent huge impacts on our society in the years to come.
“It was great to see how Redbridge Council are addressing these issues through their ‘This Has To Stop’ campaign, with Caterham High School’s new ‘Step In’ lessons as a crucial component, enabling young people to recognise, understand and call out sexist harassment when they see it.
“In Government, Labour would help schools to develop male mentors to empower young people to assess sexist material and inspire their peers to do the same. In turn, this will counterbalance the damaging impact of misogynistic material and influencers they are exposed to online.”