Catherine McKinnell, Member of Parliament for Newcastle North, has called on the Government to bring forward legislation to introduce compulsory microchipping for pet cats.

There are 2.6million unchipped pet cats in the UK and Catherine called on Ministers to “ensure the consultation on cat and dog microchipping reports as soon as possible”.

The Newcastle North MP highlighted that “the 2.6 million unchipped pet cats in the UK have less chance of being reunited with their owners if they are lost or stolen, and we should be doing everything we possibly can to prevent the heart-breaking loss of much-loved pets and on the recognised need to improve animal welfare”.

Catherine concluded that the Government should “announce their timetable for introducing regulations to make microchipping compulsory for pet cats”.

Following the question, Catherine commented:

“Despite widespread public support, the Government has yet to give a timetable for the compulsory microchipping of pet cats.

“With 2.6million unchipped pet cats in the UK, many households risk not being able to be reunited with their beloved cat if it gets lost or stolen. I know from many constituents how heart-breaking it can be to lose their beloved pet.

“The Government have said that they are working on this at pace. Bringing forward regulations to make microchipping for pet cats mandatory would help address pet loss and improve animal welfare. I hope the Government will now bring forward the regulations as soon as possible”.