Newcastle North MP slams DUP deal

Newcastle North MP, Catherine McKinnell, has hit out at the deal struck by the Prime Minister and the DUP today, enabling the Conservatives to remain in Government following the outcome of this month’s General Election.

Catherine, who had already raised her concerns directly with the Prime Minister on this issue, said:

‘It’s no surprise the DUP have been able to force Theresa May into so many concessions given the incredibly weak position she now finds herself in.

‘And nobody doubts that Northern Ireland is in need of investment, nor that any increased funding for infrastructure or our public services is welcome.

‘But regions like the North East are also crying out for funding after seven years of punitive Tory cuts, with public services now on their knees. Any additional investment should be allocated fairly across the country, not just to the parts of the UK where their MPs are able to prop up a minority Conservative Government.

‘The Prime Minister has also placed issues such as the impact of Air Passenger Duty on Northern Ireland firmly on the table, whilst still totally failing to address the damaging effect of devolving this tax to Scotland on Newcastle Airport and the North East’s economy.

‘This is pork barrel politics at its very worst, and an outrageous way to run a Government. And, once again, the North East is clearly going to lose out as a result of this Tory-led mess.’

5 thoughts on “Newcastle North MP slams DUP deal”

  1. Thank you for continuing to stand up for the North East. You are right; we and the other regions of England which have suffered repeated cuts in government money, deserve better.

  2. Well done for standing up for the North East the payment to the DUP is nothing more than a bung to keep the Tories in power

  3. Hypocrisy at its very worst .There is no thought for any area north of Manchester…..until now,so desperate, they would make a deal with anyone they could buy to the detriment of any politics and other parts of this country who could benefit from some investment ……. nauseating.

  4. Absolutely right Catherine. The Tories are still despite all the evidence against them, doing what they choose to do rather than what the electorate wants and needs !

  5. its astonishing how this magic money tree can be found to the tune of 1.5 billion. to prop up a desperate tory government without a problem, but finding the money to give school kids a hot meal every day is impossible. how in the name of god do these people get away with this ?

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