As Chair of the House of Commons Petitions Committee, Catherine sits alongside other Select Committee chairs as a member of the Liaison Committee which is afforded the opportunity to scrutinise the Prime Minister three times a year.

In his most recent appearance Catherine grilled the Prime Minister on a range of topics on behalf of Petitioners to reflect the concerns they have raised.

Watch here as Catherine asks the Prime Minister following the recent scenes of violence in Washington DC and second impeachment proceedings, if he regretted suggesting in 2018, that Donald Trump was worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize:

The Petitions Committee is also currently conducting an inquiry into child food poverty following the e-petition launched by Marcus Rashford, which has so far secured over 1 million signatures.

The Government has handed out billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on failed COVID contracts, yet they don’t seem to trust parents enough to give them directly the small amount of money needed to feed their own children, relying on wasteful and inadequate private contractors.

In light of the shocking images circulating on social media of unacceptable food parcels given to parents of children on Free School Meals, Catherine challenged the Prime Minister on his poor record of ensuring that children living in poverty get the food they need during and beyond this COVID crisis.

Watch the question here:

The hospitality industry is a major employer in this country, not to mention the heart and soul of many communities, and has suffered more than most from the COVID disruption.

In her final question Catherine pressed the Prime Minister to meet with petitioners who have called on the Government to create a dedicated Hospitality Minister, so that the industry’s diverse interest can be better reflected in Government policy.

You can watch the question here: