Risk of ‘destitution’ for families without action on cost of living

Catherine McKinnell, Member of Parliament for Newcastle North, has warned that families in the North East face destitution without action from the Government to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Families are already struggling with the prices of food, energy, and petrol spiralling, and this is set to get worse in April as prices rise further and hard-working families are burdened by another Tory tax increase.

Warning the Government, Catherine highlighted that “The stark reality in the North East is that we have seen rising child poverty and reliance on food banks in recent years.

“The poorest households lost £1,000 when the Government cut Universal Credit in the autumn and rising prices look set to take away another £1,000 from households. That is before the economic impact of what is happening in Ukraine.

Catherine warned that families in the North East would face “destitution” if the Government did not “intervene to support households in the North East who then support the local economy to grow”.

Following her plea in Parliament, Catherine added:

“Even before in situation in Ukraine and the inevitable economic impact, families were facing the greatest cost of living crisis in decades.

“Due to inaction from this Government, the situation will get even worse in April with the further increase in the energy price cap. And even worse, the Government are choosing to increase taxes on working families next month.

“Next week the Chancellor will make his Spring Statement and I called on the Government to intervene to provide support to tackle to cost of living crisis facing families”.