Catherine has slammed the Government for refusing to take responsibility for causing a crisis in the primary care.

In a debate called by the Labour Party on access to GP Services, Catherine stated “It’s vital that we stand up for our NHS as the Government is failing to do so.”


She highlighted that the Government “seem happy to let everybody be angry with their GPs, angry with their inability to seek the medical help that they need. But they seem very unwilling to do anything about it.”

Catherine urged the Government to fix the crisis by “making sure we have sufficient GPs to treat the people in this country.”

Speaking after the debate, Catherine commented: “Twelve years of Conservative mismanagement has left our healthcare system in bits, with waiting lists reaching record highs, even before the pandemic. Dedicated staff have been left overworked and underappreciated, and patients are going without the care they so deserve.

“The Government’s willingness to let GPs and other healthcare staff take the blame for a crisis of its own doing is utterly shameful. It’s about time the Government finally took responsibility for the crisis that they caused and give our NHS the focus and investment we all desperately need.”