Sue Gray report on Downing Street Parties

Today the Prime Minister made it abundantly clear, yet again, that he has no shame whatsoever. He told MPs and the country the lockdown-busting partying in Number 10 was everybody’s fault but his – despite already being fined by the police.

Sue Gray’s report, published today, rightly criticised the serious failures of leadership and judgment at the heart of Government.

She found that some parties continued until the small hours of the morning, there were regular “Wine Time Friday’s”, broken property, “excessive alcohol consumption” and a drunken confrontation. Worst of all, she mentions multiple examples of a “lack of respect and poor treatment of security and cleaning staff”.

Nobody could read this report and conclude that the Prime Minister upheld the standards the public rightly expect from those that hold high office.

It is difficult to imagine any other Prime Minister in living memory presiding over a culture of partying and lawbreaking at a time when the rest of the country endured such severe restrictions on their freedoms. It’s even harder to imagine them failing to resign if they had. It could not be clearer that the Prime Minister misled Parliament and the British people when he assured us no rules were broken. This Government has treated the sacrifices of the British people with utter contempt.

In the middle of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis and a war in Ukraine that threatens the future of democracy in Europe, it’s more important than ever that we have competent, trusted leadership. We cannot continue with a Prime Minister who has demonstrated time and time again that his only priority is saving his own career. This country deserves so much better – he must go.