The potential for the North-East to lead the way in the transition to cleaner, greener energy was set out by Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell in her response to the King’s Speech.

Catherine outlined the potential for the North-East and that “our proud industrious history and our current untapped potential, could lead the world in skilled jobs in clean energy power generation, whether in onshore or offshore wind, or electric car manufacturing.

“We could be investing in skills in the North-East, giving employers the tools and resources to ensure that there is a workforce that meets local demand and grows the local, regional and national economy.”

Commenting on the Government’s record, she added “Far from steaming ahead, we are actually rolling back on previous green commitments. Where is the ambition? Where is the hope for a better future?

“Labour’s plan to quadruple offshore wind, double onshore wind and triple solar would not only provide those jobs now but bring energy bills down and secure our future. We could power Newcastle and the North-East and lead the world in offshore wind and electric car manufacturing by delivering infrastructure projects rather than dither, delay and more cancellations. Newcastle and the north-east could drive investment and drive economic growth.”

Following her contribution, Catherine commented:

“The Conservative Government have rolled back on their commitments and their energy plans will undermine Britain’s energy security, won’t take a penny off energy bills, will mean billions in subsidies to oil and gas companies, and will drive a coach and horses through the UK’s climate commitments.

“A Labour government would lead the world in cheaper, cleaner power and industry, with huge potential for our region.”