MP fights plans to relax tobacco advertising

MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North, Catherine McKinnell, has voiced her concern over fears that the Lib-Con government will loosen restrictions on tobacco advertising.

Tough new regulations introduced as part of the Health Act 2009 which would have banned displaying tobacco in shops as well as its sale from vending machines, are thought to be under threat.

“Is is a disgrace that the Lib-Cons appear to be caving in to the tobacco industry,” said Ms McKinnell, “Rolling back initiatives designed to stop the spread of this awful addiction, particularly amongst the young, would be unforgivable.

“The NHS has made enormous strides in combating smoking and through preventing new people taking up the habit, the UK has avoided an enormous human and financial cost in the future.

“The coalition has repeatedly claimed that public health is a priority but this claim will be seriously undermined if they prioritise the tobacco industry over the health of people vulnerable to advertising.”