Over the last ten years I have worked with and on behalf of residents of the Great Park to achieve much needed progress on the development of the town centre and on wider issues facing the community.

The announcement that contracts have finally been exchanged and a planning application will be submitted next month to build a Morrisons in the town centre is therefore very welcome news, and long overdue.  The development of the supermarket is a major milestone for the Great Park and something I know from working with residents will be welcomed.

I continue to liaise with the Consortium and the City Council on behalf of residents on a range of matters still affecting the Great Park, including on estate management fees, delivery of completions and infrastructure, further town centre development and the adoption of the road network, and will continue to keep residents regularly updated.

I would encourage engagement with the formal consultation on the supermarket development when it is shared with the community, to ensure all views are taken into consideration.

I’m always happy to hear from residents so do keep in touch and continue to let me know your priorities for the Great Park.

Best wishes,