Catherine standing outside with two staff members from Big School Camp

Catherine attended Big School Camp at Studio West in West Denton to see firsthand the benefits of physical activity and extracurricular activities for every child.

Big School Camp brings school trips to school sites by creating temporary campsites on the school estate and delivering a range of outdoor activities for children and young people. The programme helps students build confidence, resilience and engage with their natural environment.

Catherine outside watching students do a PE exercise at Big School CampCatherine attended the session for year 10 pupils at Studio West school, where students learned how to build shelters, fire making skills and played a variety of physical education games. Catherine had the chance to speak to students about their experience and what they enjoyed about the afternoon.


Following the visit, Catherine commented:

“It was great to speak to staff and pupils at Studio West about how Big School Camp had brought the great outdoors to school and given students from all of backgrounds the opportunity to engage with nature and experience the benefits of physical activity and sport.

“Over the last 14 years, the Conservative Government has taken the joy out of the school curriculum and given children and young people fewer opportunities to benefit from a broad range of educational experiences.

“Labour would conduct a Curriculum and Assessment Review to ensure that all schools can deliver a rich and broad curriculum, one that centres sport, physical activity and physical education, putting joy back into the school day for every child.”