Lone Parents: Newcastle upon Tyne

Date of Answer: 08.07.2010
Column References: 513 c433-4W

Member Tabling Question: McKinnell, Catherine

Topic: Lone Parents: Newcastle upon Tyne

Question: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office how many lone parents there were in Newcastle Upon Tyne North constituency in 2009-10.

Answering Department: Cabinet Office; United Kingdom Statistics Authority

Member Answering Question: Hurd, Nick

Answer: The information requested falls within the responsibility of the UK Statistics Authority. I have asked the authority to reply.Letter from Stephen Penneck, dated July 2010:”As Director General for the Office for National Statistics, I have been asked to reply to your recent Parliamentary Question asking how many lone parents there are in Newcastle Upon Tyne North constituency in 2009/10. (6739)””The number and type of families in the UK can be estimated using the Annual Population Survey (APS). Estimates are provided for lone parent families which include at least one child aged under 16.””The latest available figure is for 2008 and is shown in the table below. This is based on the 2008 parliamentary constituency boundary. Newcastle Upon Tyne North, as constituted in 2008, consisted of 13 electoral wards, four more than the current constituency. The breakdown of the data available is not sufficiently detailed to determine” whether the newly constituted parliamentary constituency contains the same estimated number of lone parents as the 2008 constituency.”Geographical area Number of lone parent families with at least one child under 16 (thousand)

Newcastle upon Tyne North constituency (2008) 3

Source: APS January to December 2008.

Question Number: 6739

Date Tabled: 05.07.2010

Date for Answer: 08.07.2010